psychic mediumship Readings

psychic mediumship Readings

 “Here & Now” Readings

A more “traditional” type of psychic reading, Here & Now sessions provide insight and guidance for your life in the current moment. If you have questions about difficult situations you’re going through, or if you need some new direction, this is the reading for you!

Lori has the unique ability to connect with you on an energetic level - she can communicate with your spirit guides and angels, she can read your aura or energy field, she can see your past lives, and she can pull messages from ancestors and loved ones who have passed, all to provide you with support and wisdom to get through life’s challenges and make better, informed decisions for your journey.

If you’re feeling lost, stressed, or sad; if you’re confused about which path to take; if you’re experiencing a difficult choice; or if you just need a little clarity, call the shop to book a Here & Now session with Lori!

To book your session with Lori, call the shop at (603) 864-8578


Ways to prepare for your reading:

  • Abstain from drugs or alcohol use prior to your reading. This will ensure the information comes through to Lori with ease, because your energy field is “clear” (unaffected by mind-altering substances).

  • Maintain an open mind and an open heart for a more fulfilling reading. As in life, the flow of energy and information in a reading is more effective when people are open to it.

  • If you have any questions, please hold them until the end of the reading. Usually, these questions will be addressed during the session.

  • If you like, you are welcome to take notes or record your session for further perusal afterwards. Please come prepared with paper or a recording device.

Some examples of a Here & Now reading:

  • Receive loving wisdom and guidance from your spirit guides and angels

  • Get direct on a possible career change

  • Healing grief

  • Gain clarity and wisdom around challenging situations

  • Receive insight into your romantic relationships