Unlock Holistic Balance: Channeling Universal Energy for Inner Restoration

Energy healing is a holistic practice that channels universal energy to restore balance, clear blockages, and support the body's innate ability to heal itself

Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Session

Experience the Resonance of Harmony with our Crystal Bowls

Dive deep into a meditative state with Tangled Roots Herbal's Crystal Bowl Sound Healing Session. Each crystal bowl is expertly tuned to specific chakra frequencies, harnessing the power of sound to align your energies. As the bowls sing, their vibrations reverberate through your being, cleansing blockages and infusing serenity. Allow the melodic hum of these crystalline wonders to ground, rejuvenate, and balance your spirit.

Tuning Fork Sound Therapy

Harmonize Your Inner Frequencies

Tuned to the perfection of the universe's frequencies, our tuning forks are designed to realign the body's natural energies. In the hands of our skilled practitioners at Tangled Roots Herbal, these instruments are used to pinpoint areas of imbalance in the energetic body. By channeling sound waves through specific points on the physical and etheric fields, this therapy promotes deep relaxation, enhances mental clarity, and offers a sense of overall well-being. Embrace the cosmic dance and resonate with the universe within.

Reiki Healing Session

Channeling Universal Life Energy for Balance and Healing

Experience a rejuvenating flow of energy with our Reiki Healing Session at Tangled Roots Herbal. Reiki, an ancient Japanese practice, harnesses the universal life force energy, promoting emotional, physical, and spiritual balance. Our skilled Reiki practitioners will place their hands lightly on or near your body, channeling healing energy to remove blockages and restore your energy flow. As the gentle warmth of Reiki energy courses through you, you'll find yourself transported to a state of deep relaxation and harmony. Immerse in this profound experience and emerge with renewed vitality and inner peace.