Unfold possibilities to enact positive change

Get honest, authentic, and straight forward answers that come from the heart in a friendly, warm and caring way

Beautiful Soul ...

Getting readings (whether your first or your 50th) can be, well a little scary…the fear of the "unknown" takes a hold.

When life makes you feel tired, worn out and cut off by the attitudes and actions of others, seek those who will encourage and energize you.

Readings can help clarify areas in your life that seem unsure.

Give you the reassurance you’re searching for.

And can help you see unique experiences awaiting you.

Melt stress away as soon as you walk in the door

Come in with an open mind and open heart, and the messages will reveal themselves to you.

It feels good to have support and guidance in a safe space…with people that get YOU and who really care.

“During the reading, Lori talks with you about YOU, about your feelings, and it becomes a discussion, of what you know about yourself”

You can address the things that you’ve been thinking about for a long time. Or simply see where the reading takes you.

Make connections that click for you to better understand your life and where you are today.

Plus, it’s not all serious. Our readers are lovely, sincere, humorous and get down to business.

Talented, empathic, supportive and real

Our talented team of psychics, mediums, and intuitives are here to bring you clarity and guidance on your most prevalent questions and themes.

Meet your team of readers…

Lori Haynes is a Certified Medium, Psychic, and Healer. As a spiritual medium she brings messages of clarity and guidance by connecting with your loved ones and guides.She works closely with the Guardians of Light, a loving group of Angels and Master Teachers who are here to assist those here on Earth in learning and living in the Vibration of Love!

“Lori provided the listening ear I was seeking. Her comforting words of wisdom and whit helped me acknowledge the truth. Feels good to have support.”

Psychometry and Palm readings with Christine Lenihan. Christine is an empath, energy healer and Traditionalist Witch High Priestess. Learning Palmistry was a true passion for Christine. Discovering what the lines, mounts and symbols mean in the hand of family and friends sparked a desire to help other find what their lines means to them. She loves helping people connect authentically with themselves.

“I had my first reading with Christine.The reading was very informative and right on point with myself!”

Diane Bower is a native to New Hampshire. As an empath and intuitive, drawn to all things metaphysical from a very young age, her first love is divination using oracle and tarot cards. With her intuition to tap into the current energy surrounding a client she provides them clarity and insight, using a dynamic reading style to craft spreads to suit the situation and delivers messages in a gentle, yet straightforward manner giving her clients the information needed to take action.

All sessions are private and can be recorded for your exploration afterwards. Choose from Here & Now, Connecting with Passed Loved Ones, or Angel Guidance.