Colors used on your altar (and during rituals) can help you manifest certain intentions. 

Colors can be present in altar cloths, candles, stones, what you wear, flowers/plants, ribbons, etc… 

The energy of the colors is released during your rituals and connects the physical to the spiritual world. Each color corresponds to chakras or certain metaphysical attributes.

Red (Root Chakra) - mainly used for manifesting love or seduction, but can also represent danger, anger and confidence (used in candle magic, it can help you identify sources of danger and help you exert free will, etc.) Grounds, connects and lessens mistrust.

Orange (Sacral Chakra) Need change, excitement and opportunities? Orange symbolizes success! Also connects with emotions, and aids emotional healing, opens sexuality and creativity.

Yellow (Solar Plexus Chakra) Solar = Sun = Bright, happy strength. Strong will, disciplined, confident and vitality. Makes dreams reality/positive energy.

Green (Heart Chakra) Abundance in health, fertility, wealth, balance and growth. Helps connect with your inner self to live a healthy, balanced life of abundance) Love more, feel more, empathy grows. 

Light Blue (Throat Chakra) Communication that is open, thoughtful, truthful and fair. Healing, protection, patience. Improves clairaudience. 

Dark Blue (Third Eye Chakra) Opens the spiritual realm and connects to spirit/psychic connection. Clear sight, intuition and integrity

Purple (Crown Chakra) Royalty. Connects with infinite consciousness and brings deep spiritual awareness.

Pink Pure love, affection and nurturing. Strengthens family ties and reconnects with all loved ones.

Black Wards off negative energy, provides protection

White Possesses the energies of all the colors and is powerfully cleansing, representing truth and purity.

~ Karen

Karen Steuer