Element: Storm

Chakras: Third Eye & Crown

Oh how I love these quartz stones!

The diamonds that are the jewel of central New York. 

Found in and around Herkimer, NY (yes, you can actually go and mine them yourself if you’re so inclined!) these short & stubby little clear quartzes are known for their hardness (hence the “diamond” moniker) and for their high glossiness.

When working with herkimers, they not only emanate their own energies of a lovely, high vibe on the vibrational spectrum, but also amplify the frequencies and energies of other stones.

Boy can these happy little stones brighten up an energy field - wearing them just puts one on a different highway to the higher spiritual domain.

Feeling a little…stuck? Herkimers are useful in removing blockages of energetic debris, or use large specimens to purify healing space or cleanse other stones of negative spiritual energy.

Used in dreamwork, herkimers activate and open the third eye and crown chakras and stimulate inner vision. 

For your dreamwork:

Place your herkimer near you on a nightstand or under your pillow. Keep on notebook handy so you can journal your dream experience. As you drift off to sleep, have a positive mindset and keep open to new possibilities.This stone helps you to see the positive in things and enhance your outlook on life.

When you wake up, journal your experiences, dreams, or thoughts during the night.

They’re also incredibly helpful in recalling lucid dream details (which makes me wonder how well it would work with mugwort??? Going to do some research!) 

So yes, the herkimer diamond can be your “best friend” in your stone collection.

~ Karen

Karen Steuer