In the last blog post, I explained the Chakras - what they are, their correspondences with energy, etc.

Here, I’d like to give you some tips on how to cleanse your Chakras of negative or stagnant energy and get your physical, emotional, spiritual and energetic bodies in balance. 

Remember, your Chakras are wheels of energy that spin like pinwheels and if they’re clogged with stagnant energy, you’ll be out of balance. 

Cleansing is a great way to practice self-care!

You can start your chakra cleansing simply by connecting with the elements!  

Here’s a way tailor your connection to each Chakra:

Crown (inner light) - Meditate Outside
Third Eye (light) - get some sunshine (and vitamin D!)
Throat (ether) - gaze at clouds or stars
Heart (air) - catch a breeze 
Solar Plexus (fire) - get into some sun, burn a candle, sit around a fire pit
Sacral (water) - get thee to a lake, beach or bath tub!
Root (earth) - dig in the garden or walk through a grassy lawn


Meditation is a mindful way to cleanse

Visualize each Chakra and their vibrant colors, each spinning freely along your spinal column. 

Start at your root (red) and work your way up. 

See in your mind’s eye the energy of each chakra spinning, slowly as first and then faster as the energy is cleared, working up see the colors spill out of your crown, releasing all of the negative energy!

Colors for cleansing 

Surround yourself with the colors of the chakras - it helps boost energy, whether it’s clothing, jewelry, candles, crystals or the decor around your home. 

Here’s a list of stones you can carry with you:

  1. Crown  - Amethyst
  2. Third Eye - Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli
  3. Throat -Aquamarine, Dumortierite
  4. Heart - Aventurine, Rose Quartz
  5. Solar Plexus - Sunstone, Citrine
  6. Sacral - Carnelian
  7. Root (earth) - Red Jasper

Add color to your meals

Indulge in meals with ingredients based on Chakra Colors.

Not only are the colors of your food filled with energy, it’s a fun way to feed your body. 

Here are some examples:

Crown - water
Third Eye - purple grapes, eggplant
Throat - blueberries
Heart - salad greens
Solar Plexus  - bananas, pineapples
Sacral  - oranges, carrots
Root - beets, strawberries


My Favorite Way… 

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And…If you have a favorite “colorful” recipe please share and I’ll post it for others to try. Or if you have a favorite chakra clearing exercise, we’d love to know what it is. 


Karen Steuer