When conformity throws us off, trust and intuition brings us back to ourselves.

I want to talk about trust. And intuition. And why it’s so important today. 

The more time I spend working on the business of Tangled Roots Herbal, the more people I meet and the more I observe the world around me. 

It’s become glaringly obvious (to me) that our culture values conformity.

I’m not talking about politically sensitive topics (altho, they really do apply here, too). 

What I’m talking about is the cultural need to belong or fit in with a group or groups. 

And when we start joining groups, we want to be the “same” so we continue to fit in. That causes us to think and act the same, according to the groups’ standards, however arbitrary and subjective they may be! 

We stomp the hell out of our uniqueness. Our differences. 

We no longer celebrate them…we dress the same, talk the same, behave the same, in order to stay in our groups.

We all fall into the trap

I believe deep in my heart that when we get caught up in those types of groups and group-think, we stop listening to our own instincts, and lose trust in ourselves (at great detriment to our own journeys.)

And sometimes our decision to ignore the signs and signals our own bodies give us, means we end up creating conflict and tension within ourselves. 

And just like it’s difficult to get back to exercising after a long lapse, listening to our bodies and looking for signs and signals can take a little work.

It comes back to trust

Do I believe each and every one of you falls into this trap? 

At one time or another, yes. I know I have - and still do.

But if there’s one thing we all share…so many of us are on a journey we don’t even know we are on - and it begins with trust. 


And maybe I’m defining trust to include intuition. 

And intuition

Think about it.

Have you ever been in a place where you’ve had to make a decision about something, and felt something physical in your body? 

Most people feel it in their belly, also called gut feeling or gut instinct? 

Did you “listen” to that sensation?

Some people feel it in the heart, some in the head. 

They just know the answer to the situation presented. 

Sometimes the decision is immediate. Sometimes it’s not.

But do you stop to question YOURSELF and ask why? 

It’s about listening to the signals

It’s about listening to your own signals and senses (and no, they’re not always going to be billboards and neon signs pointing the right way). 

But imagine this: you’re at a crossroads. 

You have all the “data” you need to make a decision. 

What does your heart say? What does your gut feel like? 

Buried but not out of reach

It’s my job to tell you, this is NOT easy work. 

Those signs and signals and senses? They’re buried under years of cultural conditioning. 

But I can assure you, it’s my mission to help YOU start paying attention to those signs and signals. 

Take yourself back

It’is so empowering to take your self back and start living the life you want and were meant to live. 

And every single product, service, reading, conversation, etc. at TRH is curated for you with exactly that goal in place. 

Sometimes we need guidance, solace, inspiration, experimentation, and heck, even reminders. 

But it’s all about living your best life and breaking free of the societal chains we all are bound by. 

~ Karen

Karen Steuer
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