1. the power or faculty of attaining to direct knowledge or cognition without evident rational thought and inference. 
  2. immediate apprehension or cognition
  3. knowledge or conviction gained by intuition

Sometimes, we just know

And if you’re here, you know what I’m talking about.

Maybe it’s knowing that the job offered isn’t right for you. 

Or it’s the process by which you create art. 

Intuition is so many things, and it is also a critical part of making decisions. 

For example - a decision about that new job? 

Intuition or instinct

Well, if it doesn’t FEEL right, or you just KNOW it’s not right, that’s intuition and might be based on previous experience or your gut feeling.. 

But if you put thought into it (like a list of pros and cons) then it becomes more deliberate and analytical. 

One article I read to prepare for this blog likened it to blinking (intuition) and thinking (analysis). 

Intuition is often times a FAST response. 

It’s not instinct. Instinct is something hardwired into us from millenia of primal, direct responses to stimuli.

If I’m happily chompin’ on trail mix in the middle of a hike, and a bear sneaks up behind me. When I turn around, see the bear, and toss my trail mix into the air and run like the wind? That’s instinct! 

Intuition…and the process

We don’t have windows into the brain to see how it works, so understanding the process of intuition (which again, is lightnin’ fast and defies rational calculation) can help greatly. 

And the process is personal to each of us.

Is it anxiety? Or is it your intuition?

Knowing means trusting your own process.

Where my process of honing and “listening” to those intuition inklings may have started when I young as kind of a game, your process may be to get quiet and “feel or see” the affect in your body before you act or make a decision.

So, how does it benefit us? 

In a word, greatly.

Trust your gut

Sometimes snap “decisions” allow us to experience confidence in our knowledge.

Read. That. Again.

If we have confidence in our knowledge and experience, we are exercising our intuitive reflexes and trusting ourselves. 

And the more we do it, the better we get at it listening and acting on our inner voice.

Tapping into your intuition means you may get more creative inspiration.

Or in business it may help you steer clear of unproductive ideas or coworkers or clients that aren’t a good fit. 

If something feels “off” you’ll know it and act on it.

And there my friends, is what we are about at Tangled Roots Herbal. 

Every single class, reading, herb, crystal, candle, cards, wands, jewlery (you get the idea) is meant to provide you with the tools and reminders you need to develop this skill, build your confidence and depend more on yourself so you can explore more of what’s important to you, and lead a more fulfilled life. <3

~ Karen
Karen Steuer