Being a spiritual, new age, metaphysical, kinda witchy shop, we get daily requests for reader appointments. (That's why we have such awesome ladies on site!) 

Everyone knows Tarot - the reader draws cards from a trumped up playing card deck and interprets their meaning for you. Maybe you've seen movies where a psychic uses a crystal ball, or even pulls things from a bag. There are dozens of ways to read someone's "fortune", but one of the ways most commonly used at Tangled Roots is through mediumship.

"But what IS mediumship?"

Mediumship is the ability to connect and communicate with the spirit world - that is, the unseen realm where souls of the dearly departed (and others) dwell.

Want a psychic to ask your Great Aunt Edna if she's happier "over there"? How about whether your dad is proud of your recent accomplishments? Maybe you just need to know where the previous owner of your house hid the basement keys?

That's mediumship, and the psychic reader who connects to that spirit is a Medium.

Mediumship isn't scary; in fact, if you've had a mediumship reading before, you can attest that they're quite calming, useful, and inspiring! We don't dim the lights, light a bunch of candles, and start chanting until someone else's voice starts coming through. (Thanks Hollywood!) Your reader simply asks for your spirit guides and ancestors to come through, and then starts having a conversation with them while relaying the information to you.

Sometimes this comes across as the reader talking; sometimes they get impressions, hear voices, or see images. Sometimes it can be a combination! But it's always a profound, special type of reading, and it usually brings great comfort to whomever is there for it.

We are blessed to have TWO talented Mediums in the shop! Lori is our Resident Medium; this is her primary skill to connect with and deliver your messages. Katy, our Tarot Queen, also uses mediumship skills during her readings to expand upon the cards and deliver a great, well rounded message for you.

Lori Haynes

Lori Haynes

Katy Swallow

Katy Swallow

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