Just like crystals, herbs can be a significant part of manifesting intentions - each herb, in addition to medicinal properties, has corresponding magical properties, too!

Here’s how it works   

We love incorporating herbs into our workings by drinking tea, making incense, creating body products, especially products for baths, and heck, you can even smoke herbs.  

Can you imagine different ways you could bring these into your manifesting practices?

When you’re going about setting intentions, maybe part of your practice is to create a tea you’ll consume while cleansing your crystals and infusing them with your dreams. 

Maybe you’ll create a whole “ritual” of a long soak in a tub, including candles, surrounded by your stones, and have made a lovely body oil you can use in the tub (or bath salts, or bath bombs - huge favorites in these parts!) 

Set your mind at ease

It becomes so easy to meditate in the warm waters, and then hone in on your dreams, and how to make them real. 

Because we know… 

So when it comes to the magical properties of herbs, we have three favorites for manifesting. 

Again, they can be used as tea, to burn, or even use in cuisine

1. Basil 

The bright, lifting notes of basil volatile oils (what we call the scent of basil!) is one of those herbs we can’t live without. 

Need a little vibe change in your home or business to attract prosperity and luck? 

Basil is at your service! 

Maybe a fresh plant on your desk at work will not only attract wealth but is also protective. 

Basil makes a lovely and thoughtful housewarming gift, and can be used to make incense as well as prepared for consumption!

2.  Bay Leaves

If you’re needing a little confidence in your step, put a bay leaf in your shoe! 

The unassuming little leaf packs a flavorful whollop in soups and stews, but in manifesting it’s perfect to write an intention on and burn it! 

I set a series of intentions with bay leaves throughout the month of December, and work with them when I do New Moon and Full Moon manifesting. (Stay tuned for more on working under the moon - April is all about Altars, and May will be all about working with the energy of the moon!)

3. Peppermint  

Probably not what you were expecting us to put on our list (there are SO MANY HERBS, it was really hard to narrow down to just three…trust me!) 

But for the overall healing, protection, luck and love blessings peppermint bestows upon us, it seemed like a no-brainer to include it in our top three. 

Use it to create your own incense (and unclutter all that negativity!) 

Drink a cup of tea - it’s been used for centuries for dyspepsia (although we recommend you do your research and understand the medicinal properties of herbs!)

And let’s not forget the immensely popular uses of herbs like sage, lavender, and eucalyptus (to mention but a few…there are so many more) that can be used as parts of incense formulations as well as burned in bundles.* 

Useful for clearing our spaces, white smoke has been used for centuries. Other natural cleansers include Palo Santo, Sweetgrass and Frankincense.

Many of the practices we work with today are born out of traditions from other cultures. It’s important to honor those cultures and learn about the cultural significance to their people. 

For example…white sage. They are sacred plants and tools to indigenous peoples, and it's considered cultural appropriation to "smudge" - indigenous people were not allowed to practice their religion or traditions legally until 1978 in the US. To be clear, we are talking about clearing energy using white smoke with sustainably harvested sage (not wild-crafted) and in no way intend to dishonor the deeply spiritual significance of smudging to indigeous peoples.

Karen Steuer