Okay, you get why you need to use crystals in manifesting your dreams (if you need a refresher, visit this blog post, and if you haven’t found some yet, well next week we’ll take a dive into our top three stones for manifestation).

Here’s how to work with your crystals (I’m being mindful here about the word “use” - I want this to be a positive exchange of energy. To me “use” implies negativity in my mind). 

Natural crystals absorb negative energy around them, it leaves “empty” space for your positive intentions and energy. 

How can you help facilitate that “emptying” of negative energy?

Cleanse your crystals when you first receive them. 

We spiritually cleanse the shop daily, but it might be super helpful for you to do your own cleansing at home. 

How do you cleanse your crystals? 

Here are some GREAT at-home tips for cleansing:

  1. Sun/Moon Light 
    1. Leave them out under the full light of the sun or the moon for at least 6 hours, keeping them connected to the earth, or at least on a natural surface which allows them to be grounded.
  2. Sage/White Smoke
    1. Using white sage, resins, incense or herbs has been used for thousands of years. Swirl the white smoke all around your stones and banish negativity.
  3. Selenite
    1. This crystallized form of gypsum packs an energetic wallop - not only does it help clear negative energy but boosts manifestation. To cleanse your stones of stagnant energy, place your stones on a selenite platform, in a bowl, or near whatever selenite you have, and leave them for 24 hours. The selenite will reignite the energy!
  4. Sound baths
    1. All sounds are emitting vibrations into the universe - using sound with tools like singing bowls, bells, tuning forks, etc. are said to balance the energy of crystals and cleanse your space of negativity. 
  5. Other tools
    1. Visualize the energy of your stones as clean and bright and bursting of positive vibes
    2. Blow on them by holding them in the palms of your hands. 
    3. Running water will cleanse stones, too (but be sure to do research and find out which stones can tolerate water. Some, like selenite, are too soft and will disintegrate in water!)
    4. Salt is another way to cleanse your stones - pour salt into a vessel (ie. bowl) and place your stones in the salt for 24 hours.

Okay. Now your stones are cleansed, but what’s the NEXT step? 

They are cleared and cleaned and open and ready for you to charge them with your intentions!!!

This is the step where you let your crystals know what you need of them and infuse them with the plans you have (that’s why they work so well as reminders - every time you see or feel your stones, you’re get a gentle nudge from the universe saying “don’t forget to work on this and manifest your dreams…”)

So what you’ll do is hold your crystals in your hands, and place them near your heart. 

Clear your mind and focus on the dream or idea or need you want to manifest. It helps to meditate or do some deep breathing exercises to help focus your mind on the work at hand. 

Once your mind is clear and you have clearly identified your intention (see YOUR ACTION PLAN blog here) and FOCUS ON IT NOW. 

Say it out loud. 

Repeat it. 

Repeat it again. 

Keep on repeating it until you sense the energy moving from your body into your crystal. 

Once you feel that connection has been made, you’ve just charged that stone. 

You can repeat this exercise any time or as many times as you wish - especially if you feel disconnected from the stones. 

And everytime you see or feel that charged stone, you’ll instantly be connected to the energy of your intention and work that manifestation action plan. 

Remember, be open and grateful to the gifts of our universe. 

~ Karen

Karen Steuer