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Angelite Tumbled Stones from Tangled Roots Herbal:

Experience the gentle embrace of the heavens with Angelite Tumbled Stones, from Tangled Roots Herbal's collection. Bathed in a soft, dreamy blue hue, Angelite is often regarded as a touchstone to the angelic realm and celestial energies.

Metaphysical Properties:

- Connection to Angelic Realms: Angelite is believed to facilitate communication with guardian angels, spirit guides, and other celestial beings.

- Tranquility and Peace: Its calming energies help dissolve anger and fear, promoting a sense of inner peace and serenity.

- Enhanced Communication: Associated with the throat chakra, Angelite encourages truthful and compassionate communication.

- Spiritual Growth: The stone aids in heightening spiritual awareness, astral travel, and connecting to universal knowledge.

Ideas on How to Work with Angelite Tumbled Stones:

- Meditation Companion: Hold or place Angelite nearby during meditation to enhance your connection with higher realms and deepen your practice.

- Sleep Aid: Position the stone under your pillow to promote lucid dreaming and to facilitate healing during sleep.

- Jewelry Incorporation: Design jewelry with Angelite to carry its serene energy with you throughout the day, aiding in communication and peace.

- Spiritual Altar: Add Angelite to your spiritual altar or sacred space to attract angelic presences and promote a tranquil atmosphere.

- Water Elixirs: Create a gentle elixir using Angelite to sip on its peaceful energies (ensure the stone is safe for direct contact with water).

Each Angelite Tumbled Stone from Tangled Roots Herbal is a passport to the celestial, guiding you towards spiritual heights while grounding you in tranquility. Ideal for seekers of calm and those wishing to connect with angelic guides, Angelite is a true jewel in the realm of metaphysical gems.