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Tinctures are herbal infusions in alochol (usually) and can be used for medicinal, emotional, energetic, or spiritual purposes. We're so proud to stock this line in the shop because they're mindfully handcrafted with organic or wild-crafted ingredients, and are just as potent for unblocking your energy and encouraging your spiritual journey as they are for your wellness routine.

Read on below for more on the company, the products, and the tinctures themselves:

Tinctures are infusions of plant matter into organic alcohol. They’re mostly used in medicine making because they're a very effective way to extract medicinal qualities out of the plant and to preserve it for extended periods of time. In theory, tinctures can last for years and years without losing their potency.

Elixirs are infusions of plant matter into alcohol, with the addition of raw honey. Honey can lend a welcomed sweetness to some tinctures, as well as being a wonderful source of antioxidants & phytonutrients. These elixirs typically also feature a blend of herbs, versus the single herb tinctures we offer.

Tinctures & Elixirs are in 1oz dropper bottles unless otherwise noted.


* The vast majority of the plants used in Sacred Plant Organics products are respectfully & sustainably wild-crafted, or grown at the permaculture forest garden, on their property in the Appalachian mountains of Southwestern Virginia. Every extract, oil infusion, distillate, and decoction used in their products is made by hand,  in their apothecary, using fresh, whole, organic plants, to ensure efficacy, quality and sustainability.

Sacred Plant Organics is a ritual; a life long affinity for wild and vibrant plants, sparked by ancestors, sustained by the land that nurtures us, and rooted in the synergistic science of herbalism. *


Blue Elderberry & Rosehip

Clusters of blue elderberries weigh down the branches of the elder in late summer. These delicious berries were picked in Montana and have been preserved in alcohol and honey, along with succulent wild rosehips for an added boost of vitamin C. This antioxidant packed immune boosting elixir is a lovely addition to any herb cabinet. Enjoy it alone, or with a bit of sparkling water to help combat cold and flu symptoms, soothe respiratory symptoms, and strengthen your circulatory system.

(This elixir is 4oz)


Sunshine in a bottle.  Calendula is such a cheery ally with her brilliant orange and yellow flowers.  She’s wonderful for having around on dark days; both rainy days and sorrowful.  She also helps to support your immune and lymphatic systems, is anti-inflammatory, and is a fever reducer.

California poppy

We love California Poppy for her gentle support of deep rest and relaxation.  She’s a great ally for when you can’t seem to get to sleep due to stress and anxiety, or for when you can’t get your brain to quiet down after a long day.  She’s also known to be beneficial for mild depression, nerve pain, and sensitivity to changes in the weather.


Cleavers is one of our favorite allies to pop her head up in early Spring.  Every year, she leads the way; all bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to help us awaken to the warmer months of the year.  She may be cute and clingy, but she’s a powerful ally for helping to stimulate your lymphatic and immune systems.  She’s helpful for matters of the thyroid, kidneys, liver, bladder and urinary tract.

Douglas Fir Winter Elixir

Sweet, resinous, citrusy and packed with vitamin C, douglas fir makes a delightful addition to any herb cabinet. It offers anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties that can help stimulate immunity. It can be used for a nagging cough and as an expectorant. Enjoy it alone, or with a bit of sparkling water to help combat cold and flu symptoms, soothe respiratory symptoms, and strengthen your circulatory system.

Elderberry & Flower

A potent blend of both elderberry & elderflower to boost the immune system, help combat cold & flu symptoms, soothe respiratory symptoms, and strengthen the circulatory system. It’s a lovely addition to any herb cabinet.

Glow Elixir

It’s no secret that nutrition is paramount for achieving healthy skin.  While most of our tinctures help promote healthy skin through providing support to your body, we’ve created a delicious elixir to help boost nutrition with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to leave your skin glowing and nourished.  This exquisite blend of wild plants was harvested in the Bitterroot mountains of Montana and is the first in our series of herbal skin care elixirs.


Fields of yellow goldenrod, blowing in the warm summer air.  She comes to us in times of seasonal allergies with her anti-inflammatory abilities and affinity for the respiratory system.  She’s also helpful with muscle spasms, joint pain, sinus infections, nausea, and as a tonic for the kidneys, bladder, and urinary tract.

Happiness Elixir

Mimosa is commonly referred to as the happiness tree.  Not only are the feathery blossoms beautiful to behold and their scent intoxicating, but when made into a tincture, they’re known to support a healthy stress response & lift the mood.   This blend is rounded off with red clover & wild chamomile (pineapple weed),  which help to support lymphatic health, and proper endocrine function.


Hawthorn, a member of the rose family, is associated with all matters of the heart - both physically and emotionally.  She’s been used traditionally to support healthy heart function as well as emotional well-being when there’s stress, overwhelm or sadness.  She’s anti-inflammatory, can help lower blood pressure, and increase circulation.

Lemon Balm

Herbaceous, citrusy and perfect for helping to calm anxious minds.  Lemon balm is a member of the mint family, which makes her helpful for soothing a nervous stomach.  She’ll gently lull you to sleep when you’re feeling stressed and your mind just won’t slow down.  She’s anti-viral, helps to support healthy adrenal function, healthy digestion, cognitive function, improves your mood and helps relieve menstrual cramps.

Licorice Root

The calming and soothing properties of licorice root make it a wonderful addition to any herb cabinet.  It helps to ease gastrointestinal stress, and is cooling to inflammed tissue.  It helps to support healthy liver & kidney function, and promotes healthy skin & hair.  It can increase energy, so we recommend taking it in the morning.


Magick. That’s exactly how we feel about this limited edition tincture. Made with wild stinging nettle seed, pineapple weed (wild chamomile), and wild rose petals; all gathered in the Bitterroot mountain range of Montana. This tincture gives you a nice boost, while helping maintain your chill. Nettle seed is a refreshing stimulant, while pineapple weed and wild rose help keep things from getting too carried away. Perfect for having with your morning tea, or for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.


Motherwort is a nurturing and calming ally, reminding us to stand tall in who we are.  Helpful with stress, anxiety, and matters of the heart. She also helps support healthy liver function, aids in sleeplessness, and is helpful with premenstrual and menopausal symptoms.

Red Clover

Red clover seems like such an unassuming little plant - a lush green carpet, dotted by fluffy magenta flowers.  In truth, she’s a mineral rich powerhouse that helps to restore your immune, lymph, and circulatory systems, supports your endocrine system, nourishes your body, and helps to maintain clear, radiant skin.


These beautiful mushrooms help to stimulate and boost the immune system, and help fight off infections.  It’s used in herbal medicine as an adaptogen,  going where it’s needed and helping your body adjust to stress.  

St. John’s Wort

The bright & cheery yellow flowers of St John’s wort are a sweet indicator of how they can help bring joy and happiness back to our hearts. We find her helpful for relieving anxiety, mild depression, pre-menstrual and menopausal symptoms.  She’s also a potent antiviral.

*** Please consult your physician if you are  on any medications.  Should not be taken with SSRIs.  Not intended for use during pregnancy

Stinging Nettle Leaf

Stinging nettle is one of the most nutritive herbs known and is a favorite to many herbalists.  Full of vitamins and minerals, she’s a wonderful ally for increasing energy levels and iron deficiencies.  Nettle offers support for the immune system, the liver, kidneys, and the thyroid, as well as respiratory symptoms, digestive issues, moon time symptoms…I’ll stop there.  Let’s just say that stinging nettle is something most people should have in their herb cabinet.


calming.  nourishing.  clarifying.  As her name suggests, Tulsi or Holy Basil is a sacred plant to many. Her intoxicating scent and flavor make her a very easy herb to welcome into your life.  She’s cherished for her ability to go where she’s needed.  As an adaptogenic herb, she supports your adrenal glands, aiding in your response and resistance to stress.  She helps balance energy levels, supports healthy digestion, and supports your immune system.

Wild Chamomile

Delicate leaves & tiny flower heads that smell & taste like pineapple.   Wild chamomile, or pineapple weed, helps bring a sense of calm,  wellbeing, and relaxation.  She’s also helpful with nausea, upset stomach, heartburn and motion sickness.

Wild Rose Elixir

There are few flavors as truly remarkable as that of the wild rose.  Sweet and floral, slightly citrusy, and just…stunning.  Rose has many traditional uses regarding matters of the heart, both physically and emotionally.  She reminds us to come home to ourselves.  She helps relax your nerves when you’re feeling anxious or agitated, supports the digestive system, boosts your immune system and helps cool down heat and inflammation during your moon time and menopause.  These particular rose petals were harvested from the edges of the forests of the Bitterroot mountain range in Montana.  This elixir is quite limited.

Wild Rosehip Elixir

Bright red wild rosehips dot the hedges during fall & early winter.  Rosehips are  the fruit of the rose; sweet, tart, and filled with Vitamin C.  Rosehips have many  traditional uses regarding matters of the heart, both physically and emotionally.   She helps relax your nerves and feelings of anxiety or agitation.  She supports the  digestive system, boosts the immune system and helps cool down heat and  inflammation during illness, moon time, and menopause.


Fields of tiny white flowers with delicate leaves - their uniquely spicy scent fills the air.  Yarrow helps to relieve stagnation in our bodies, making it helpful in a  variety of situations.  It helps to support our immune system and can help shorten  the duration of colds & flu, is a gentle fever reducer, helps to support a healthy  digestive system, has anti-inflammatory properties, helps to support our  cardiovascular system and can be helpful during your moon time.

All tinctures made with organic cane alcohol, water and herbs. Elixirs are made with organic cane alcohol, water, herbs, and organic honey Please consult label for usage details. 

*these statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.