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Past Life - Soul Plan Readings

Some cultures believe in “past lives”; the idea that your soul has lived multiple lifetimes, in many different forms. These past lives come together to affect your current path in many different ways. Sometimes, we can only understand events currently happening to us by examining them through the lens of past lives.

In a Past Life reading with Lori, you will receive snapshots of past lives as they are relevant to your current life. This grants us a higher, more clear perspective of the events we’re currently living through. The challenges and experiences we faced in past lives can offer us an invitation to evolve and grow, to understand the mystery of why we’re here now, if we are open to interpreting the themes and messages that come to us.

*Please note that the minimum length of a past life reading is 30 minutes, due to the amount of information that Lori receives.*

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Benefits of a Past Life reading include:

  • Being able to release the “victim mindset” and limiting beliefs about not only ourselves, but our friends and family as well

  • Learning about the gifts you carry in this life that came from past experiences

  • Allowing you to release long-held judgement and criticism

  • A new perspective on your current life and events, where you came from, and where you’re going

  • An understanding that all our challenges, trials, and difficulties are powerful opportunities for growth, healing, and joy

  • Learning about the roles people play in our lives, and why they’re there

Ways to prepare for your reading:

  • Abstain from drugs or alcohol use prior to your reading. This will ensure the information comes through to Lori with ease, because your energy field is “clear” (unaffected by mind-altering substances).

  • Maintain an open mind and an open heart for a more fulfilling reading. As in life, the flow of energy and information in a reading is more effective when people are open to it.

  • If you have any questions, please hold them until the end of the reading. Usually, these questions will be addressed during the session.

  • If you like, you are welcome to take notes or record your session for further perusal afterwards. Please come prepared with paper or a recording device.

““Sorrows gather around great souls as storms do around mountains; but like them, they purify the air of the plain beneath them.” -Jean Paul”