I'm Felicia, lover of all things pink and sparkly who feels emotions deeply – both mine and others'. Music is my life force, and I have a special love for languages, especially my native English. Reading and writing sustain me, and I've been told that in a past life, I helped create the Latin language, which resonates with me completely.

Nature, especially water, centers me, and I'm grateful to live amidst the woods of New Hampshire, just a little over 30 minutes from the ocean. I missed the ocean during my 8 years in Colorado, although the scenery and weather there are absolutely gorgeous!

Beyond defining ourselves by our jobs, I believe we are humans first, so I begin my introductions with who I am as a person. As for my work, I currently offer spiritual coaching while also honing my Mediumship and Akashic Records skills. I read tarot cards, interpret dreams, and serve as the Shop Goddess at a metaphysical store in Plaistow, NH. My whole life is devoted to the spiritual! 
From dreams of future events to using my abilities in my waking life through intuition and tarot, I've had an intense connection with Spirit throughout my entire life. Join me on this transformative journey, where we explore the depths of spirituality, and unlock the true essence of who we are.


Akashic Records

Psychic Medium Reading (dates coming soon)


(Felicia reads on alternating Tuesday with Mary, Christine is in the shop Wednesday - Friday).