Herbs and herbal blends for remedies and ritual, enchantments and eatables

Whether your herbal first aid kit, your magical ritual space or your teas and culinary delights we have over 144 organic herbs for everything you practice.

Simple magic on the go or blending for your herbal medicine cabinet

The traditional practice of using herbs, and the knowledge of plants and their associations, dates back thousands of years (archeological studies show that the practice of herbal medicine dates as far back as 60,000 years ago)

In folklore and “old fashioned” tips, herbs have been our constant companions throughout time.

Magical uses of herbs...like working to set intentions around prosperity, connect with love and communicate with clarity…

And medicinal applications...like chamomile for relaxation and wound healing and Echinacea for colds and flu...have supported health, wellness and spiritual workings.

The store is a pleasure to the senses with fragrant herbs, essential oils, candles and incense. A great place to find a special gift or needed metaphysical supplies. Diane B.

Teas, tinctures, culinary delights and candle work.

Arnica to infuse in oil for bumps and bruises. Whether burned to purify the air, to make incense and oils or to create medicinals for your medicine cabinet.

Arnica to infuse in oil for bumps and bruises.

Cardamon’s culinary delight in marinades, teas, also helps with digestion...and bad breath.

And the magical workings of mugwort to ward off fatigue or to induce vivid dreams.

We have the right herbs for you.

“The Best herbal shop in Nashua NH Love this local store!”

Herbs ...without the unwanted tidbitsWe’re very careful how we source our herbs...and know all too well that pulling unwanted tidbits from your herbal satchel is not what you bargained for.

Our extensive collection of herbs are always organic. Whether you're looking for herbs to make your own magic, or magickal herbs, we most likely have what you need.

To complete your herbal apothecary...We have all the accoutrements like mortar and pestle, muslim bags, funnels and jars.

And yes...books.

From herbal beginner to seasoned herbalist. And food gardens to growing your herbal remedies.

If you want a little more than a book, we teach herbal classes as well.

And if you want a little 1-on-1 with our resident gardener Sheilagh Cruickshank is an urban herbalist, teacher and small-space gardener who has been working with and learning from the plants for nearly 20 years.