Intuitive Life Coaching

with Lori Haynes, Spiritual Medium & Healer

Are you ready to heal the past and remove roadblocks? Are you feeling stuck in your life? Having difficulties moving forward? Would you like to feel empowered in your highest and best self in all areas of your life?

In your sessions, you will receive:

  • Accurate detailed information about all details of your life

  • Clarity and wisdom for your journey

  • Continued guidance and support to be the best you

  • Transformational tools to navigate through life’s transitions

  • Relationships and healthy boundaries

  • Ability to find your balance and sustain it

During these sessions we will address old patterns or belief systems that are no longer serving you, and releasing them through healing to remove blockages and self limiting beliefs.

The result is your empowered highest best self, a new you and success in all areas of your life.

Pricing & Packages

Monthly coaching packages are available! Work through your blockages with a dedicated plan, including:

  • 2 one hour in person coaching sessions

  • 2 half hour phone/video call sessions

Packages last for 4 weeks; one session per week Cost: $299

Please call to schedule your package!


A La Carte Coaching:
one hour in person session: $111
half hour phone/video call session: $55