Lori Haynes: Certified Medium, Healer, Psychic
Lori Haynes: Certified Medium, Healer, & Psychic

Lori Haynes

Lori Haynes is a Certified Medium, Psychic, and Healer.  She has an extensive career as an early childhood teacher.  She worked as a co-facilitator in therapy groups for children healing from abuse and the "Visions of Hope Project," which was an Expressive Art Program that assisted the children in using Art to heal.  She has been a Teacher, Parent Liaison, Education Specialist, as well as a teacher of Metaphysical Spirituality at the Sarasota Center of Light.

Lori is a certified CMT, certified in Massage, Reiki and Vibrational Healing.  She has studied and apprenticed in Advanced Healing with Rev. Lisa Johnson who studies under Harry Edwards, Spiritual Healer, Teacher & Author Extraordinaire.  He founded the Harry Edwards Spiritual Sanctuary at Shere, Surrrey in England.

Lori works closely with the Guardians of Light, a loving group of Angels and Master Teachers who are here to assist those here on Earth in learning and living in the Vibration of Love!