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The space rock known to transform your life. 

Maybe you need some change in your life but just can't put your finger on what needs to change.

Here’s the thing…inward changes and self-realization in your life is completely your choice. 

Moldavite is a tool to help your tactile self better focus your intentions and your energy for change.

Use your mind to shape your life and our intention will guide those changes.

So, what's the deal with Moldavite?

We've been getting multiple requests EVERY day for this stone. 

Its popularity seems to have come out of nowhere. And we hadn’t heard much chatter about this stone before a couple of months ago. 

So what's the deal? 

Why is it so popular and hard to find?

Moldavite isn't actually a crystal; it's glass!

Moldavite is formed from the impact of a meteorite into the earth in the area south of Germany (hence the nickname…space rock.)

A lot of power and energy are associated with this stone because of its celestial connection.

It falls into the same category of tektites (small glass stones formed from meteoric impact) and other terrestrial stones as well!

Moldavite is lauded for its strong spiritual awakening abilities. 

Its "high vibe" is used to heighten and raise personal vibrations for activations and for rapid spiritual evolution. 

It certainly is a powerful and overwhelming little stone when you hold it!

The problem with Moldavite is its popularity.

Moldavite has exploded in blogs and on TikTok, and so everyone is on the hunt for some.

Due to how it's harvested from the earth, the Czech Republic has restricted mining so that it's more difficult and expensive. But…this helps maintain and protect the local environment (not a bad thing.)

This is probably why it's harder to find right now.

And then there’s the issue of fake Moldavite. 

Because Moldavite was so sought after for jewelry when it was first discovered, a lot of fake specimens flooded the market. And with that flood, people wanted to cash in. 

It can be quite hard to tell the difference, which makes the hunt for authentic Moldavite that much more difficult.

Moldavite’s power claim

Is Moldavite really as powerful as everyone is claiming? 

Well, yes and no. 

Moldavite certainly packs quite an energetic punch, but it's definitely not the "end all be all" of healing and activation stones. 

All tektites have the same celestial, extraterrestrial energy connection.

But…other stones from right here on earth are just as strong and useful. 

Below, we've listed some stones similar to Moldavite in power and usage. 

While you struggle to track down this stone, you might try your hand at some of the others as well! 

Variety is the spice of life, after all.