Mary Hudson - The Fey Dragon

Meet Mary of The Fey Dragon; she is one of our regular readers who does much more than just tarot readings.
Mary has been a student of the spiritual world most of her life, gaining knowledge on multiple subjects while acquiring the titles Druid, Elder, and High Priestess. She began her formal training in magical and esoteric practices studying Hermetic philosophies and practices which led to her initiation as High Priestess. This is the foundation of a great many of her esoteric practices.

Her later studies were based in her own heritage as someone of Scottish ancestry. Because of her intense interest in her own history and ever developing spiritual practices, she earned a Doctorate in Druidic Studies while studying to become a Master Druid.
In 2010 Mary became the President of The Church of the Greenwood. It was through the CotG that she became fully ordained clergy and subsequently appointed as the Pagan Chaplain at the Syracuse University - the only Pagan Chaplain in higher education in the United States.

Mary and her husband chose to retire in 2020. Currently they have found their forever home here in New Hampshire and she now feels a spiritual responsibility to share what knowledge she has gained while continuing to learn herself.

Mary fully and joyfully admits that she doesn’t know everything and that there is much left her to learn. In her own words she knows what she knows, she knows what she doesn’t know, and she will be honest about what those two things are.

The following are some of the services and classes that she offers.

Intuitive Readings

  • Tarot
  • Ancestral – Beloved Dead Oracle
  • Ogham – Celtic Divination Tool
  • Oracle Reading
  • Pendulum – Divining Stones and Rods


Mary is both a ritualist and teacher and often teaches certain subjects during the year. These classes include but are not limited to:

  • Introduction to Paganism
  • Introduction to Spell Crafting
  • Tarot 101
  • Divination 101
  • Cord Magic

Services Offered

  • Energetic Healing
  • Soul Retrieval
  • Death Midwife
  • Psychopomp
  • Spiritual Guidance
  • Custom Spell Crafting
  • Life Milestones (Handfasting, Funeral planning, etc)
  • Ritual Design



Beloved Dead

Intuitive Tarot

  (Mary reads at the shop every other Tuesday, alternating with Felicia.          Christine reads Wednesday - Friday).