Connecting with Loved Ones on the Other Side

Mediumship services

Mediumship is the ability to connect with the souls of people who have moved on. During a mediumship reading, Lori receives messages from your loved ones on the other side to pass along to you.

Spirits on the other side communicate through words and symbols, sharing personality traits and details like how they passed, to help you release any skepticism. They can help provide insight into your life, offer perspectives you might not have seen otherwise, and offer support and validation that you may be missing. Only positive, loving energy passes through, so you know the messages you receive in this reading are for your highest good and are exactly what you need to hear in this moment.

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Ways to prepare for your reading:

  • Please allow at least 3 months after a loved one has passed on before attempting a reading to contact them. This allows time for you to grieve and begin healing. Your loved ones have an adjustment period as well, and this time allows them to gather the energy needed for clear communication.

  • Although you may wish to speak with a certain person, please don’t tell Lori who you want to connect with. Your loved ones come through as they wish in their own divine timing. As spirits come in, Lori shares information to help you confirm the presence, and then you’ll move forward with the exchange of messages.

  • Abstain from drugs or alcohol use prior to your reading. This will ensure the information comes through to Lori with ease, because your energy field is “clear” (unaffected by mind-altering substances).

  • Maintain an open mind and an open heart for a more fulfilling reading. As in life, the flow of energy and information in a reading is more effective when people are open to it.

  • If you have any questions, please hold them until the end of the reading. Usually, these questions will be addressed during the session.

  • If you like, you are welcome to take notes or record your session for further perusal afterwards. Please come prepared with paper or a recording device.

Some benefits of a mediumship reading include:

  • Healing and grief support

  • Comfort in knowing that our souls are eternal and our loved ones are only a thought away

  • Messages of love and support from those we miss

  • New information about a loved one’s passing that may help you make amends and move forward