Element: Wind

Chakra(s): Third Eye, Crown

Moonstones are an opalescent stone, are a part of the feldspar mineral family, and have always been connected with moon magic. They can be found in so many color forms, including peach, grey, blue, yellow, green, brown and even colorless.

That pearly flash you see when gazing at a moonstone is called adularescence, which ranges from blue to white. 

Moonstones are believed to represent the divine feminine energy - helpful for balancing body cycles but also because it’s purported to enhance the intuitive mind. 

Use for upper Chakra work, moonstone can help you move further into your consciousness for inner visions.

These stones invite us to search deep within ourselves to embrace new beginnings. 

Need to release yourself from daily pressures? I find them helpful to soothe stress, provide calm to frayed emotions, and are a lovely way to bring harmony in your space. 

Moonstone meditation:

Hold your moonstone in your receiving hand. Set a clear intention for your meditation and allow the moonstone to go to work. 

Feel the energy come into your crown chakra and swirl through your body. As the energy moves down through each chakra, feel it’s balancing energy releasing negative energy and stress.

Just a note about Rainbow Moonstones - they have the same new beginnings energy as “regular” moonstones, but with an extra boost of positive protection - it helps deflect negativity! Useful in easing emotional trauma. 

Think of moonstone as your cosmic connector.

~ Karen
Karen Steuer


Thank you for the timely info. Months ago they were calling me everywhere I went. I love my small tumbled rainbow moonstones. With the new info maybe I need to get a larger palm stone

— Michelle Johnson