Creating your own herbal apothecary at home has never been easier. 

But every person who walks into the shop and sees our wall of herbs says the same thing…“this is a little overwhelming and I don’t know where to start.”

Over the next several blog posts I’m going to break it down for you into manageable steps so you’ll know the essentials of how to prepare herbs and remedies for your family’s basic health needs. 

A space for your herbs

First of all, you don’t need a huge space. 

A shelf in a pantry, in a bookcase or even a shelf in a closet, wherever you have space will work. My collection has expanded to include the largest shelf in my pantry as well as overtaking my dining room hutch. 

Next…storing your herbs

When I bring home my herbs, I like to transfer them into small mason jars. 

I prefer air-tight glass jars which I then label (and include the date of purchase) with botanical names and any other notes to myself that might be helpful!

I find small amber bottles useful when I make tinctures, room sprays, flower essences, body and bath oils, hair serums, etc. The amber glass prevents damage from UV rays that shorten the shelf-life of my herbs. 

Other tools for your herbal apothecary

You might consider investing in a nice mortar and pestle to grind your herbs.

I find the act of grinding them myself (versus a coffee grinder) brings me closer to the herbal energetics and I feel I’m putting more of myself and my energies into the process.

Other basic tools you’ll want include:

  • local honey
  • an organic apple cider vinegar with mother, 
  • and alcohol that’s at least 80 proof for making tinctures and such! 
  • scale

Now that you have some basics, stay tuned! 

In next week’s blog I’ll share with you some of my favorite herbs to get you started!

~ Karen
Karen Steuer