Let’s talk about Love.

On the physical plane, when we talk about love, we think of emotional things like adoration, passion, desire, physical expressions, etc. 

But these are literally just expressions of emotions. They’re potent, they feel lovely, but that’s not precisely what love is. 

At least how I define it. 

Love is…

What love is…everything we experience in this world. 

Every learning opportunity and every experience is at the heart, a lesson in love. 

Along with love comes hope, peace, gratitude, and kindness. Narrowed down even further, these attributes when lived in a lovely life lead to honor, truth, purpose, patience - and forgiveness. 

All of these are love and love is the highest vibration in the universe. 

The more you generate…the more you feel

What’s even more amazing is that we humans have the ability to generate infinite amounts of love - you may think your reserves are empty, but you are able to make more love, and the more you generate, the more you feel. 

Then why is it so hard to love sometimes?

Because some lessons and experiences hurt our emotions sometimes. 

That pain of hurt leads us to not feel the lessons of love, and in the end we wrap ourselves in fear to protect our emotions from hurting us. 

The greatest lesson…to love ourselves

We still have yet to learn the greatest lesson in the world…how to love ourselves. 

And, my friends, that’s the purpose of our little shop. 

The way I see it, we all do a terrible job of shutting off the negative voices in our heads. 

We stop listening to our guts (not the same as those voices…) and we lose ourselves in the hustle and bustle of every day life. 

What I hope we can help each other with is learning to trust yourself, and learning to feel confident in what makes you lovable. 

Because we all are love, loved, lovable and loving.

Karen Steuer