In our last post we talked a bit about love, and how we can learn to love ourselves, but sometimes it helps to have little “tools” (reminders, whatever you want to call them) to help us be mindful of our ability to generate and receive love.

Which brings me to one of my most favorite crystals: 

Rose Quartz  

Rose Quartz is a stone that resonates with the universal energy of love. 

It’s not a crazy “knock your socks off” kind of energy, but rather a gentle and comforting energy, like a warm embrace, a deep snuggle, a cat’s purr. 

You know that gentle warmth I’m talking about! 

In a situation where more love (more kindness, more honor, more patience) is needed, Rose Quartz is the hero crystal. If you’re:

  • Having a craptastic day
  • Having a fantastic day
  • Needing love in a certain situation 
  • Needing a deeper connection with the lessons of love and all of it’s harmonies

Rose Quartz will be there for you!

How can you work with Rose Quartz (I try to stay away from saying the word “use” in these cases, simply because it’s not the right energy!)? 


Wear it as jewelry! 

The touch on your skin keeps the soothing energy of the stone within your energetic body. 

So wear it as a pendant, earrings - if you’re not keen on wearing jewelry, keeping one in you pocked or stuffed in your bra works just as well. 

Buy a tumbled stone and make your own hair clips studded with rose quartz…it all works.

Meditate with rose quartz

You can also meditate with rose quartz - hold it in your hand or put it in your lap, or even just close to you (as I type, I have a love chunk of rose quartz I’ve been carrying with me for a few days sitting next to my laptop!)

Allow the generous love energy to infuse your space. 

Work in positive affirmations like “I am at the right place at the right time” or whatever message resonates deeply with you. 

Infuse oils with rose quartz

Another fun idea - infuse oils with your rose quartz and use on your body or in baths - there’s a lot of symbolism in washing your body of the old energies and using the oil to usher in new energy. 

Our in-house soap company (Hemlock Springs Soaps) makes crystal-infused perfume oils with beautiful blends of fragrances for just these purposes!

Sleep with it!

You can also sleep with your rose quartz. 

You can use a simple little muslin bag or throw in your pillow covers. 

Or if you have a gorgeous specimen (or something like these fantastic rose quartz book ends!) keep it close and on a bed stand. 

NOTE: keep your phones and laptops as far away from any quartz stones when sleeping - quartz amplifies energy, and we want to make sure it’s amplifying healing energy to you, not the anxious energy of electronics!

Keep track of the dreams you may begin having when you sleep with rose quartz. 

See if there is a change in the tone of your dreams, and how you’re feeling. 

Understanding your dreams and how they change after sleeping with your stones, offers valuable insight in the influence of the stone, but also may give clues as to the meanings of your dreams and how your intuition is developing.  

Need more? Here's a collection of all things rose quartz we carry in the shop - just click on the sphere! 

rose quartz sphere

Karen Steuer
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