Crystal Infused Florida Water

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Florida water from of Forest and Fae is infused with crystals and a blend of magickal herbs, and allowed to charge for a full lunar cycle. Florida water is a great addition to any altar and can be used to cleanse your altar, altar tools, hands, or your energy field before a ritual.

Florida waters are named "florida" because of the use of flowers (flower waters) and have been used traditionally in many practices to cleanse, purify and bring blessings. It can be used as an alternative to smoke cleansing by spraying it around your space.

Our special house blend of herbs for this cleansing water contains rose petals, rosemary, garden sage, lavender, jasmine, orange peel, alkanet, and hibiscus, as well as pink salt.

The second offering is a blend of birch bark, mugwort, apple leaves, hawthorn leaves, butterfly pea flowers and amethyst for transformation, serenity, love and protection.

2 fl oz

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This is my first time using Florida Wata
I have heard it is a must have for spiritual enlightenment

Karen Ferrel from The Scarlet Crow
I'm a very Happy Customer

I purchased Crystal Infused Florida Water, and I am very happy with the product I got. It smells great, and comes just as it states it is. It arrived quickly, and is as advertised.

Thanks, Karen. We LOVE that version of Florida water and can't wait to get its back in stock!