Hibiscus Flowers (Hibiscus sabdariffa) - organic

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Organic Dried Hibiscus Flowers are a vibrant, deeply hued botanical treasure, perfect for a variety of uses. These flowers are carefully selected and dried, preserving their natural beauty and essence. Renowned for their tangy, cranberry-like flavor, they are a popular choice in teas, cocktails, and culinary dishes, offering a refreshing twist and a splash of color.

In the realm of magical and energetic practices, hibiscus flowers are often associated with love, divination, and dreams. They are believed to enhance intuition, promote passion, and attract positive energies. Incorporating these flowers into your routine can be as simple as adorning your space with their beauty, using them in ritual baths, or carrying them in a pouch for their energetic properties.

To integrate organic dried hibiscus flowers into your daily routine, start by steeping them in hot water to make a delightful, antioxidant-rich tea. This can be a soothing ritual to begin or end your day with, embracing the calm and focus the flowers are believed to bring. You can also sprinkle the petals over salads or desserts for a unique flavor and an enchanting presentation. Whether for their taste, beauty, or energetic qualities, these organic dried hibiscus flowers are a versatile addition to any lifestyle.

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JoAnn Deitrich
Heart tonic

I used this yummy, tangy flower to flavor and add medicinal value to my heart tonic. Hibiscus adds a lovely flavor and vibrant color to this tea made also with hawthorn (leaf and berry), linden flowers and mint.

Lori Haynes
Hibiscus 🌺

I use this to flavor my Marshmallow "tummy
tea". It's fruity flavor is delightful!