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Jet, a captivating organic gemstone, is renowned for its deep, velvety black color and smooth, lustrous finish. Formed from the fossilized wood of ancient trees under extreme pressure over millions of years, Jet carries with it a rich history and a connection to the Earth's past. Sourced primarily from regions like Whitby, England, this lightweight gemstone has been treasured since ancient times for both its beauty and its supposed protective properties.

Key Features:

  1. Deep Black Color: Jet is distinguished by its uniform, intense black color, offering a timeless elegance and versatility in fashion and jewelry.
  2. Lightweight Nature: Despite its solid appearance, Jet is surprisingly lightweight, making it comfortable to wear and easy to incorporate into various designs.
  3. Polished Finish: It is often polished to a high gloss, which enhances its natural beauty and makes it tactile and soothing to handle.


  • Emotional and Spiritual Protection: Historically, Jet has been used as a protective talisman, believed to ward off negativity and maintain emotional balance.
  • Historical Significance: Wearing Jet connects one to a long tradition of adornment and cultural significance, dating back to ancient times.
  • Grief and Mourning Support: Jet's somber elegance has made it a traditional choice for mourning jewelry, believed to provide comfort in times of sorrow and loss.


  • Jewelry Making: Its sophisticated look and ease of carving make Jet a popular choice for crafting into beads, pendants, and intricate carvings for jewelry.
  • Decorative Art: Beyond jewelry, Jet is also used in creating decorative objects, showcasing its natural beauty in various forms.
  • Healing and Meditation: In spiritual practices, Jet is used for grounding and protection during meditation and healing sessions.

Care Instructions:

  • Gentle Cleaning: Clean with a soft, dry cloth. Avoid water and chemical cleaners, as Jet can be sensitive to moisture and harsh substances.
  • Careful Handling: Although relatively durable, it should be handled with care to avoid scratches or damage.
  • Proper Storage: Store Jet away from direct sunlight and in a dry place to preserve its natural color and finish.

Jet is more than just a gemstone; it is a piece of Earth's history, offering a deep connection to the past and a unique beauty that stands the test of time. Whether worn as a piece of elegant jewelry, used as a protective amulet, or simply appreciated for its historical significance, Jet adds a touch of timeless sophistication and grounding energy to your life.