Soy Candles by Tangled Roots Herbal


Our own premium, 100% soy candles, blessed and dressed for different intentions!

Special Edition "Abundance & Joy" 5th Birthday! - Japanese Yuzu topped with citrine, orange, and lemon. 12oz instead of 10oz! (once these are gone, they're gone forever!)

Burnin' Desire - Rose Quartz with lavender and rose

Calm the *(#$ Down - Lavender & Chamomile topped with lavender, chamomile and amethyst

Magic Hour - Rose & Lavender with Clear Quartz candle scented with a mix of rare champa tree flower, sandalwood, resins and masala

Manifest That Shit - Peppermint, Spearmint and Eucalyptus scented candle with Fluorite & Eucalyptus

Soul Douche - the ultimate cleansing candle scented with Sage, Sweetgrass and Cedarwood and energetically enhanced with selenite and white sage

You're Grounded - Sage & Lemongrass scented candle with black tourmaline and rue herb