The Humoral Herbal

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Not since the times of Nicholas Culpeper has there been an herbal that is truly founded in the Western tradition of medicine, a tradition that has been in existence since the time of the Ancient Greek healers and philosophers Hippocrates and Galen.

This book provides a clear description of the basic concepts of traditional humoral medicine: how to recognize imbalances in the humors and how to correct them with herbs, lifestyle, and diet. There are clear tables and charts showing how the different humors function and influence health. By exploring the medieval astrological symbolism of the planets, we are shown how best to connect herbs, healing, and treatment. The theory contained is backed up by a comprehensive herbal, giving the humoral and planetary characteristics of each herb and how to choose the correct remedy to enable health to return. The herbal traces the traditional uses of western herbs; it also shares the author’s experience of how to use the herbs to treat people successfully, and with the addition of modern medical insights gives guidance on how to apply that healing wisdom for our benefit today.