Last post I wrote a little about New Moon Manifestations. 

Today’s, we’re going to take a little dive into...

…manifesting with a Full Moon

Whereas the New Moon is associated with new beginnings and creating positive intentions/rituals/spells, the Full Moon is for releasing that which does not serve you, for cleansing and releasing negative energy. 

Think of it as the 2nd part of the ritual you began on the New Moon. 

The Full Moon allows you the space to openly and honestly reflect on your progress and decide for yourself what you need to do to stay on track or get back on track.

It’s time to decide what’s working and remove that which is blocking your progress, which you initiated at the start of the new lunar phase. 

Steps for Full Moon Manifesting:

  1. Decide where you want to do your ritual (although for the full punch of the psychology and energy behind it, I highly recommend you do it under the light of a Full Moon - but allowances are made if you have to do it inside!)
  2. Read aloud your intentions - and end it with “and so it is done.” Trust the universe is listening.
  3. If you’re inclined, recite a simple Full Moon prayer. Include expressions of gratitude to the universe! 
  4. Light the paper you wrote your intentions on fire (either candle or match - or bonfire!) and place in a burn-safe vessel (we LOVE our tiny cauldrons or abalone shells for this!). As the smoke rises to the moon, in your mind’s eye see the fruits of your labor come to fruition. (If you’re lighting intentions you wrote on the New Moon, put them on wish paper or bay leaves so you don’t burn your original written intention!)

One of my favorite activities after a Full Moon ritual is taking a cleansing bath (I do it BEFORE one a New Moon!)  It rids the body of negative residue. 

I always grab a Jiffy Fizz bath bomb, “color-coded” for my energetic needs (like, Do I need grounding? Cleansing? etc.) and a couple of candles. 

Maybe I’ll toss a few crystals in the water, too! I prefer silence to help create a meditative mood, but others might love music blasting! 

My favorite part? 

When I pull the plug I visualize my blockages and negative juju swirling down the drain. 

So powerful!

Best wishes as you work with just two of the lunar cycles - my wish for you is you believe the universe is working in harmony with your best wishes. 

~ Karen

Karen Steuer


Thank you for reminding me of this spellwork.

— Victoria Libby Valdez