Remember back in March I blogged about manifesting our dreams

Well, we’re celebrating the moon during May, because nothing boosts this type of work like the energy of the moon.

And since I love new beginnings, let’s start with working on the New Moon!

The New Moon occurs every 28-30 days, and astrologically is one of the moon’s many phases. 

It heralds the beginning of the new lunar cycles and is closely associated with the energy of new beginnings. 

This is a particularly perfect time to set goals, reflect on ourselves and make sure we’re on-task with the actions we need to take to get results we want.

This is also a great time to start new habits, projects, and make plans to kick off new dreams.

So…the New Moon is coming up. 

How can you work with it’s energy?

First of all, find your space. 

Outdoors over a fire? At your altar? Sitting quietly in a chair? Soaking in a tub? What’s your favorite place? Any place you feel good in will work!

Next, what do you want?

Quite simply, you can identify your intention, you goal or your dream. 

Be specific. List the details of what you are asking of the Universe.

New Love? 

What type of relationship are you seeking? 

Who do you believe is your ideal partner and what are the qualities you seek?

New Job? 

When do you want to start? 

Where is the job - remote? On-site? 

Close to home or a new opportunity in a new city? 

What’s your desired income?

New Home? 

Describe to the universe you dream living arrangements.

Then, bring energy to your intentions.

Once you write these things down, you can either journal a bit more about them or scribe key words into a candle and light it (lighting a candle brings in a wee bit of light to this darkest of nights!)  

You can also get super-elaborate with your rituals by taking a cleansing bath, casting circles, cleansing your space, etc. 

Or you can sit and do this quietly. 

But what’s most important is to create your own set of practices to do this work. 

There’s no right or wrong here, The point is to be consistent and then follow through with actions that support your dreams. 

It’s about what *feels* right for you. 

Note: The positive energy you put into the universe is the positive energy you get back. 

I believe strongly in the power of our own free will, and spiritual work such as New and Full Moon rituals and intention setting requires to recognize, honor and not infringe on the free will of others.

~ Karen

Karen Steuer


Thank you Karen. This came out at the perfect time for me. It makes sense and I believe I can follow along and manifest some good vibes. Looking forward to trying this out.

— Wendy Seymour