Last week, we covered all the ways Rose Quartz can help you chill out and fill your life with warm, comforting, loving energy.

But not everyone resonates with every stone, so what do you do if Rose Quartz just doesn’t match your vibe?

 Stones that pack a love punch

These five stones often get overlooked but pack a serious love punch. 

If you're looking for the perfect crystal to heal your heart, bring in love, cleanse your chakra, or support your current relationships, check out the list below! 


Pink Calcite                          pink calcite

Pink Calcite, also known as Mangano Calcite, is a strong energetic stone that helps increase feelings of compassion and self love. 

Because it’s cleansing and purifying, it helps to clear negative thoughts and patterns while encouraging more of that positive self image. 

When doing work on healing trauma or bringing new love into your life, the first step is often developing self care and self compassion. If you need a stone to help you love yourself, this one's for you.

Chrysocolla                          chrysocolla

Unconditional Love is the name of the game with Chrysocolla - and you know what that means! 

Love without boundaries, love without restrictions, and love without conditions. 

It also helps calm and balance emotions, so it’s wonderful to keep on hand during tense moments and spats with your loved ones. 

Chrysocolla eases blockages in the heart and enhances difficult communication. It's the perfect stone to get you through tough times in relationships.

Green Aventurine                 aventurine

Green Aventurine has long been considered a stone of good luck! 

It’s associated with the heart chakra almost more than Rose Quartz is, for it’s hue resonates at a similar frequency to the energy point’s color. 

Because of that, it’s excellent for encouraging energy flow to and through the heart center of the body, helping to heal blockages and align your emotions with your purpose. 

If you’re looking to encourage new love in your life, this is the stone to keep on you! 

Rhodonite                            rhodonite

Similar to Rose Quartz in a lot of ways, Rhodonite is the stone we suggest to our community when we’re either out of Rose Quartz, or the energy just doesn’t hit home hard enough. 

Where Rose Quartz is light and gentle, Rhodonite is deeper and more meaningful. 

It boosts emotional balance and compassion, and helps ground you in your emotions. 

If you ever wished the energy of Rose Quartz could go just a little more, dig a little deeper, hit a little harder, give Rhodonite a try.

Prehnite                                prehnite

Not a lot of people know about the magic of Prehnite, and we think that’s a shame! 

Prehnite is an amazing emotional healer. 

If you’ve been hurt, if you’ve dealt with trauma, and if you’re having a hard time moving forward, this little green stone can aid that healing journey. 

It helps to open your heart in a safe and comfortable way, never moving faster than you can handle. 

Because it helps “declutter” your mind and environment, if you’re holding on to grief, attachment, sadness, or harmful love, Prehnite can help you gently release and move on.

We know not every stone works for every person, and that’s okay! 

Sometimes we need a little something extra, or maybe a little something specific, to heal and grow. 

Stop in to feel the energy of these stones for yourself and see if one resonates with what you need right now - or take a look at them in our online shop and go with your gut. 

Surround yourself with the vibe you need, and the magick will come!

Karen Steuer