Feel Connected...Open...

Energetically Balanced

This unique session is a combination of Reiki and vibrational/sound healing with Chakra Tuning Forks.

Your practitioner will use light touch on your body, or sweeping hand gestures above your body to evaluate each of your Chakras, or energy centers, along your spinal column (you'll be fully clothed). 

Each session will include an opportunity for you to work with your practitioner to identify areas you'd like to work on during a full Reiki session. Chakra Tuning Forks will then be used to connect, open and balance your energy centers and then you'll have a chance to get feedback from your practitioner. 

Tuning Fork Therapy

Combined with Reiki, you'll feel warm, loved, and balanced using the energy of Reiki and the sound and vibrational healing of Tuning Forks. Each fork is tuned to the vibrational frequency of each Chakra.

A new energy therapy

You're putting in the work to heal yourself, this energy-centered combination of healing modalities is the perfect complement to that work. Feel the difference. Book an appointment now.