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In many cultures, feathers are seen as sacred objects that are associated with spirituality and the divine. They are believed to symbolize communication with the spirit world and the higher self. Finding a feather is commonly believed to mean someone is trying to get a message to you, often from the other world or other realms. 

Because feathers are from birds, feathers can symbolize freedom, independence, and the ability to rise above challenges. 

They're used as protective talismans in many cultures who believe they have the power to ward off negative energy and protect the wearer from harm.

Feathers also symbolize ideas, creativity, and expression.

As a tool, feathers can be worn or displayed for any of these intentions. They're a common tool for wafting incense and smoke during cleansing rituals, and can also be used to asperge water (the practice of sprinkling blessed water to cleanse and purify).