Goldenrod (Solidago spp.) - wildcrafted

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Goldenrod is traditionally used as an anti-inflammatory and is a common treatment for the urinary tract, according to the German Commission E Monographs. Its also used to treat upper respiratory infections and congestion.

Goldenrod gets a bad reputation as a weed that causes allergies, but in reality it's often a treatment FOR allergies! Goldenrod grows at the same time and in the same conditions as Ragweeds, but it does NOT produce the same allergic reactions in the body. If you're allergic to Ragweed, you can use Goldenrod with no issues!

Plus, Goldenrod is a primary food for pollinators, so leave it be if you see it!

Magickally, Goldenrod helps connect us to Sun energy, with its tall stalks of golden flowers reaching up to the sun. It's used in prosperity and healing magick, and is even known to increase divinatory ability.

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