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The Krampus (Naughty) Mystery Box: A Wickedly Delightful Surprise

Dare you embrace the mischievous side of the holiday season? Limited to just a dozen enchanting parcels, the Krampus Mystery Box from Tangled Roots Herbal is a tantalizing journey into the whimsically wicked. Perfect for those who delight in the playful shadows of Yuletide, this box is brimming with a curated collection of herbal wonders, exclusive goodies, and a touch of impish charm.

Every item inside is a nod to Krampus's wild spirit, promising surprises that are as unexpected as they are thrilling. From bewitching botanicals to handcrafted treasures, each piece has been carefully selected to ignite a spark of rebellion and joy. And who knows? You might even find a cheeky note from Krampus himself, encouraging you to revel in the season’s playful mischief.

With its alluring contents and limited availability, the Krampus Box is not only a fabulous gift for friends who appreciate the naughtier nuances of the holidays but also a captivating treat to indulge in yourself. So, why settle for ordinary when you can dance with the delightful devilry of Krampus?

The Lovely Yule Mystery Box: A Heartwarming Embrace of the Season

Embodying the serene beauty and warmth of the winter solstice, the Lovely Yule Mystery Box from Tangled Roots Herbal is a limited-edition treasure trove of holiday joy. Limited to just twelve boxes, each one is a heartfelt homage to the season of giving, light, and togetherness.

Inside, you'll find a magical assortment of handpicked items that capture the essence of Yule, from soothing herbal blends and aromatic delights to unique, artisan-crafted gifts. Every piece tells a story of celebration, love, and the return of the light, weaving together a tapestry of holiday magic that is sure to warm the heart and lift the spirits.

The Lovely Yule Box is not just a gift; it’s an experience—an opportunity to pause, reflect, and bask in the glow of the season’s gentle grace. Whether you're sharing this box with a dear friend or treating yourself to a moment of holiday serenity, it's a joyous affirmation of the season’s most heartfelt traditions.

In both the Krampus and Lovely Yule Mystery Boxes, you'll find the unmistakable touch of Tangled Roots Herbal’s dedication to quality, authenticity, and a deep love for the magic of the season. Whether you choose the path of playful mischief or serene celebration, these boxes are a celebration of the holiday spirit, ready to be cherished and enjoyed. Remember, with only a dozen of each available, these captivating treasures are sure to fly off the shelves. Reserve yours today and unwrap the magic of the season with Tangled Roots Herbal.

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susan sledge
mystery nice box

My grandaughter loved the nice box!! She immediately began reading the book and made some tea!! Thank you!!

SO happy to hear that, Susan!!!