Ogham Reading

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Ogham readings are a form of divination that use the ancient Celtic Ogham alphabet. The Ogham alphabet consists of a series of marks and lines, each representing a different tree or plant, and is often inscribed on sticks or stones. Here's a detailed look at Ogham readings:

What is Ogham?

Ogham is an ancient alphabet used primarily by the early Irish and other Celtic peoples. It consists of a series of linear characters, each associated with a specific tree or plant, which hold particular symbolic meanings. The Ogham script is often carved onto stones or wooden sticks and was historically used for inscriptions, boundary markers, and magical purposes.

How Ogham Readings Work

Ogham readings involve drawing or selecting Ogham symbols to gain insights into questions or situations, similar to how Tarot cards or runes are used. Each symbol carries a distinct meaning related to the qualities and folklore of its associated tree or plant. Here's a general process of how Ogham readings are conducted:

  1. Preparation: The reader or querent (person seeking the reading) focuses on a question or area of concern. This might involve a ritual or meditation to center and clear the mind.

  2. Selection: Ogham symbols are drawn from a set of carved sticks, stones, or cards. This can be done randomly, allowing the universe or the subconscious to guide the selection.

  3. Interpretation: Each chosen Ogham symbol is interpreted based on its traditional meanings. The reader examines the symbols individually and collectively to provide insights and guidance.

Why Ogham Readings are Special

  • Connection to Nature: Each Ogham symbol is linked to a tree or plant, fostering a deep connection with nature and the natural world.
  • Ancient Wisdom: The Ogham script carries ancient Celtic wisdom and lore, offering profound insights rooted in centuries-old traditions.
  • Holistic Guidance: Ogham readings can provide guidance on various aspects of life, including personal growth, challenges, relationships, and spiritual development.

Common Ogham Symbols and Their Meanings

  • Beith (Birch): New beginnings, renewal, purification.
  • Luis (Rowan): Protection, intuition, spiritual strength.
  • Fearn (Alder): Endurance, strength, determination.
  • Saille (Willow): Intuition, dreams, emotions.
  • Duir (Oak): Strength, endurance, steadfastness.

How to Prepare for an Ogham Reading

  • Set Your Intention: Clearly define your question or the area you seek guidance in.
  • Find a Quiet Space: Choose a calm, quiet place where you can focus without interruptions.
  • Open Your Mind: Approach the reading with an open and receptive mindset, ready to explore the insights provided.

Ogham readings are a beautiful way to connect with ancient Celtic wisdom and the natural world, offering unique and profound guidance for those seeking answers.

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