Palm Stones

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Just feeling a palm stone fit snuggly in your hand, givin' off it's energy alone is a lovely connection to the energetics of the stone. Excellent for meditation, relaxation, energy work or simply have because you're drawn to the colors and patterns in the stone. 

AmazoniteLuck * Good Fortune * Success

Apatite - Apatite is a stone of manifestation and inspiration; we like to say it helps increase your "appetite" for life! Use this stone when you need a boost of fresh, creative, go-getter energy. Apatite can help increase your chances for success by keeping your spirits up, and as a blue colored stone, it's wonderful for assisting in clear communication and helping you get your point across.

Hold the palm stone in your hand during meditation, mindful breathing, or even creative planning sessions.

Black Moonstone - has all the powers of Moonstone, but with a particular emphasis on connecting with the energy of the New Moon. Protective and grounding, yet stimulating creativity, instigating new beginnings. Increases sensitivity and connection to the Divine Feminine.  Fertility * Love * New Beginnings 

Black Tourmaline - a powerfully protective and grounding stone, also helpful for divination sessions such as tarot or pendulum work. Great to root you into a healing session or to hold to combat feelings of overwhelm for those sensitive to energy.

Blue QuartzStrong throat chakra balancer! Blue Quartz helps stimulate expression, communication, and happiness.

Caribbean CalciteThis lovely stone helps us access intuition, inspiration and knowledge. Beautiful blend of lite blue calcite, lite brown aragonite and white aragonite - reminds of a warm, sunny beach. Resonates with third eye and crown chakra. Roughly 3"

CarnelianCarnelian is a lovely sacral chakra stone that helps enhance creativity, restores vitality, and stabilizes energy. These palm stones are absolutely huge!

Chevron Amethyst - All the energy of amethyst and clear quartz

CitrineCitrine brings in clarity, clear inspiration, and creativity.

Clear QuartzClear Quartz will amplify energy and thought, as well as boosting the effects of other crystals around it. It can clear your energy and help enhance flow, giving you greater freedom to trust yourself and lean into your intuition.

Golden Healer (AKA Hematoid or Red Healer) - Energetic cleanser, has general healing properties and is wonderful when working with Root or Sacral Chakra energy.

Goldstone - The Entrepreneur Stone! Boosts ambition, passion, creativity, and that go-getter energy

Infinite (Serpentine) Stone - Excellent at raising energy, increases wealth & abundance, eases new beginnings without discomfort

LabradoriteLabradorite is a stone of transformation and expansive energy. It's a wonderful substitute to Moldavite! Use this stone for road opening work, opening your third eye, connecting to your inner magick, and protect your aura and energy. 

Lepidolite - Used to calm stress & anxiety due to it's levels of lithium! It's also used to fight against exhaustion, stabilize mood swings, and help manage the physical and emotional effects of pain (but we can not advise on potential medicinal uses of stones)

Merlinite - A stone for witches and other magick makers. Merlinite boosts energy and psychic ability and helps feed magickal energy and spellwork. It helps manifest both luck and power

Moss Agate - VERY stabilizing and grounding stone - and as with many green stones, is one to attract wealth and prosperity.

Obsidian - A fantastic protective stone, it's also useful for activating your third eye and tapping into psychic ability.

PeachInward-projecting stone - helps you ignite passion and interest in the things that make you happy. Encourages self love and care.

Rose QuartzRose Quartz is key for heart healing, self-compassion, and gentle love.

Serpentine - Aids in meditation, spiritual evolution, and helps raise Kundalini energy. Promotes wisdom and memories of past lives

Unakite - A stone of vision, community, connectedness, and spirituality. Balancing and healing, also useful for scrying

Zebra JasperBalance of all things - work & private life, masculine/feminine, Yin/Yang. Optimistic stone yet grounding.


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Ali Wilcox

Nugget-size tools to urge us toward a wish or a hope, protection or change in our daily living. Awareness of the lore attached to palm stones, and studying the sheer beauty of an ageless gift from the earth itself seems to shift something in our spirit: we can change, become more of what we truly are.

Wendy Seymour

Saw these beauties, Caribbean calcite and could not resist purchasing.feels great in my hand and was a welcome addition to my morning reiki and meditation.

Thanks, Wendy!! The cool, calming colors of Caribbean Calcite are just magical.