The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing

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The effect of sound is unquestionably powerful, with a remarkable ability to heal and restore balance from the inside to out. By breaking down scientific principles and studies into accessible, understandable, and applicable wisdoms and techniques, sound healing pioneer Jonathan Goldman reveals how sound can be used as personal vibrational therapy for your mind, body, and spirit. 

Journey into the realm of sound through learning:

• the basic principles of vibration
• the importance of your intent
• the uniqueness of sound to everyone
• the importance of silence
• our own voice’s healing properties
• the diverse healing applications of sound
• the global, all-encompassing effect of sound

Practical information and exercises provide an interactive understanding of using sound as a healing modality, while Goldman’s exploration of a variety of ancient and modern techniques will guide you into living a more harmonious life. 

Goldman’s guided meditations and exercises in his free audio download are specifically designed to enhance your relaxation and healing, helping to bring the seven core secrets of sound healing into your heart and home.