Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) - organic

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“Thus, it is both cooling and warming, fluid generating and controlling. Remedies with contradictory but complementary properties are often of great utility since they are able to normalize opposing conditions. This is true for yarrow.” -Matthew Wood

Organic Dried Yarrow is a revered herb known for its delicate, feathery leaves and tiny, clustered flowers. This plant has been cherished through the ages in various cultures for its myriad uses in herbal practices. Carefully harvested and dried, our organic yarrow maintains its natural integrity and potent qualities.

Traditionally, yarrow is celebrated for its use in herbal teas, tinctures, and topical preparations. Its slightly bitter and aromatic qualities make it a distinctive addition to wellness blends. While not making any medical claims, many people incorporate yarrow into their self-care routines, valuing it for its historical use in soothing and comforting preparations.

In magical and energetic practices, yarrow is often associated with protection and courage. It's believed to ward off negative influences and promote a sense of boldness and resilience. Some also use it for divination and to enhance psychic abilities, making it a versatile herb for various spiritual rituals.

To incorporate organic dried yarrow into your routine, consider starting with a simple tea. Steep the dried herb in hot water and enjoy it as a reflective, calming beverage. You can also blend it with other herbs to create a personalized concoction tailored to your taste and desired experience.

For those interested in the energetic properties of yarrow, carry a small sachet of the dried herb for protection or include it in your meditative space to foster a sense of security and strength. In rituals and spells, yarrow can be used to symbolize and call upon courage, healing, and psychic powers.

In your skincare routine, infuse yarrow in oils or add it to homemade salves and balms for a comforting, aromatic touch. Its historical association with soothing makes it a lovely addition to your natural beauty practices.

Organic Dried Yarrow offers a blend of traditional herbalism, magical lore, and natural beauty, making it a multifaceted herb suitable for various aspects of your daily life. Embrace the historical and mystical qualities of yarrow as you weave it into your routine, and enjoy the connection to an ancient tradition of herbal knowledge.

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