When you’re going about manifesting, it’s sometimes useful to use crystals in your workings.

I love working with them as a prompt to reset my frame of mind or as a reminder to make sure I’m implementing my manifestation action plan, and aligning my energies!

But let’s back up a minute and talk about the why.

Why are crystals so darned useful? 

Well, like our entire universe, everything is made of energy and energy vibrates. 


And all of the things around us are vibrating constantly. Both the physical (trees, rocks, atoms that make up the seat upon which you sit) and things we can’t see (air, light, people’s thoughts & feelings) all vibrate at specific frequencies. 

Knowing this about vibration, we look at the unique vibrations radiating from each healing stone, whether it’s molecular or geologically derived. 

Since our thoughts and feelings vibrate out into the same universe, they also attract similar signals back. Think of it as that “law of attraction/what you think about you bring about/like begets like” type of vibe.

Feel the vibe

What if our thoughts and feelings can be “vibed up” and matched to the same frequency in our stones?

Then the dreams we hope to come true might be noticed a little more in the universe! 

Try this little exercise.

Hold a rose quartz in your receiving hand. What do you feel? Do you feel a vibration? Does a specific feeling show up?

Now hold a Tiger’s Eye. What do you feel?

Knowing how crystals “feel” for you (because it’s always personal) will help you when it comes to choosing a stone for manifesting intentions.

Most simply put, giving a clear, concise energy to your manifestations and intentions, while matching it with a crystal that has a similar vibration, you are creating an alignment of your thoughts, energy and desired goal. 

Keeping your stones close

When you work with crystals in manifesting intentions & dreams, you can wear them as jewelry (earrings, pendants, bracelets, etc.) 

Or stuff a couple in your bra, or your pockets. 

You can put some in your purse, but I find the intention of the stone kind of wanes a bit not being on my person all the time. I have a blog post in the next couple of weeks that will focus on how to infuse your stones with intentions - stay tuned!

Specimens are LOVELY and of course can be displayed on your altar or sacred space, too. 

Regardless, experiment and find the stones that work best for YOU.

~ Karen

Karen Steuer