It’s Manifesting March!

We throw that word around a lot in the shop, and while we LOVE you all, some are a little bashful about asking “what is manifesting?” so I thought it would be a good time to share what it means in our little corner of the world. 

At the heart of it, manifesting is turning dreams into reality - believing something you want into existence. 

Based on the principles of the laws of attraction, the cliche “if you can think it, it will come” pretty much sum it up!

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. 

While I am a huge proponent of positive thinking and energy, it’s not just as one dimensional as putting it out to the universe. 

Part of this is aligning your thinking with an action plan. 

It’s not going to happen without participation. Can what you’re doing be described as focus? A plan? You bet. But with a sprinkling of magic thrown in. 

It boils down to this: Put that energy out there and work towards your goals.

Start by asking

And speaking of goals, you must identify your goals clearly and ask the universe directly for what you want – and there are so many ways to ask:

  • Pray
  • Vision Boards
  • Meditation
  • Articulating your goals verbally
  • Putting a sticky note on your fridge
  • Letter to the Universe

Not sure what works for you? 

Try them all. 

Invent a new way. 

Many traditions have very specific guidelines, others are a bit more free-form. 

What we encourage is for you to treat this like a buffet - sample a little here and there and figure out what is YOUR favorite way to ask. Because we want you to feel comfortable in trusting your own intuition, and practice doing so more frequently.

So. You put your “ask” out there. Now what? 

Action goes a long way

Depending on your dream, put together an action plan. 

Want that new job? 

  • Maybe it’s time to register for additional training or classes to brush up your skills. 
  • Send out resumes. 
  • Start networking. 
  • Practice interviewing. 

Want new love? 

  • Ask friends. 
  • Take classes to meet new people. 
  • Sign up for online dating. 
  • Be open to meeting someone who isn’t your usual type. 

Each of these steps is not only an opportunity to move the needle towards realizing your dreams, but I remind you that each step of the way you should be checking in with yourself - does this feel right?

If it’s making you anxious, what are you anxious about? 

If at any time you’re feeling like the path you’re walking doesn’t feel quite authentic enough, it’s time to change up your actions and impose your free will and ask the universe to deliver that which will make you happy. 

Again, trust your gut on this. 

The Universe works in its own time

That being said, it’s also critical to understand that the universe moves on it’s own time frame. 

It may not follow your pre-set deadlines, so you have an option to shake up your plans, or be open to the changes the universe delivers and express gratitude for the opportunity. 

Being grateful and expressing thanks every step of the way is another way to manifest your dreams.

An example: If you’re a little worried about your retirement and your plan isn’t 100% on target, maybe now is a lovely time to learn a new craft and start an etsy shop or do craft fairs as a side hustle and put your earnings into your retirement fund. 

At the same time, you might meet new friends, learn of new opportunities, and be able to accelerate your dreams!

Negative Nellies need not apply

Now here’s a hard lesson for many of us: stop telling yourself it won’t work or you can’t do it. 

Stop listening to the naysayers. 

Stop with that self-defeating self-talk. 

Stop acting out that belief system that putting positive energy out there doesn’t work. 

START practicing belief in yourself, and just GO FOR IT. 

Are you ever going to regret it? 

Maybe, but I bet it’ll be a heckuva learning experience and even better story. 

Remember…you’re human

If you’re getting discouraged, well, my friend, it’s time to shake up that energy and shift that mindset. 

Do the things that bring you joy and positivity, even if your heart isn’t into it quite yet. 

Spend time with kids (oh those little humans are so honest and inquisitive and FUNNY!). 

Devote yourself to journaling as a way to release negative thoughts and frustrations. 

If you want more love, give it. 

If you want more money, express gratitude for the abundance you are already blessed with - but maybe use visual cues like a cute new wallet or purse, or a vision board full of fake cash! 

And don’t forget to change up your plan (according to your intuition) if you need to - we don’t write things down in stone anymore for a reason.

Align those positive thoughts with deeds and be open to all good things. 

~ Karen