Another love herb we love(!) is Damiana (Tumera diffusa) which has been a traditional aphrodisiac of the Mayan culture in Central America. 

At its heart, damiana is an adaptogenic, tonic herb and restorative for the nervous system. 

Used over the years for mild to moderate depression and nervous exhaustion, it’s also been used as a sexual restorative in both men and women (although, honestly, it’s never been proven scientifically…but as we know, not a lot of our herbal allies are thoroughly studied!)

Damiana is also lovely for setting the mood during meditation - as some believe it leads to improve psychic powers and visions. 

Magically, damiana can be used in love and lust rituals (used to draw a love closer for stronger/closer intimacy), either consumed as an infusion (tea), smoked, tinctured (see my Love Potion below) or used in creating an incense to set the mood!

Damiana Potion

  • 1 part Hawthorn
  • 1 part Damiana
  • ½ part Cacao Nibs
  • Red Wine 

Infuse red wine with herbs for minimum 2 weeks. Strain herbs and enjoy some love potion!

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Karen Steuer