Catnip (Nepeta cataria) - organic

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Welcome to the mystical realm of Tangled Roots Herbal's Catnip. Delve into the dual realms of herbal and magickal properties as you explore the enchanting possibilities of Catnip beyond traditional tea. Experience its herbal benefits and harness its magickal energy to elevate your daily practice.

Herbal Properties: Catnip, a cherished herb, offers a plethora of natural benefits. It calms the mind, soothes the spirit, and promotes restful sleep. Embrace the gentle power of Catnip as it supports relaxation, stress relief, and overall well-being.

Magickal Properties: Catnip holds potent magickal properties, attracting love, abundance, and positive energy. Incorporate Catnip into your spellwork, rituals, or charm bags to enhance attraction, deepen connections, and invite prosperity into your life.

Ideas for Daily Practice:
1. Dream Magic: Place a small sachet of dried Catnip under your pillow to enhance dream recall, encourage vivid dreams, and deepen your connection to the subconscious realms. Allow Catnip's mystical energy to guide you on ethereal journeys.

2. Love Spells: Infuse Catnip leaves or flowers into love potions or spell candles to amplify the energy of love spells and rituals. Invoke the magick of Catnip to attract soulmates, deepen existing relationships, and cultivate self-love.

3. Sacred Smoke: Burn Catnip as incense during meditation, divination, or energy-clearing rituals. Let the fragrant smoke cleanse your space, raise vibrations, and create a sacred atmosphere for spiritual practices.

4. Pet Magic: Share the enchantment of Catnip with your feline companions. Sprinkle dried Catnip on their toys or scratching posts to invoke joy, playfulness, and a deeper bond between you and your beloved furry friends.

Tangled Roots Herbal's Catnip is a gateway to herbal wellness and magickal exploration. Embrace the herbal and mystical properties of Catnip to enhance your daily practice, infuse your life with enchantment, and invite the extraordinary into the ordinary. Unleash the transformative energy of Catnip today!

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