Hemlock Springs Soaps

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Experience pure luxury with Hemlock Springs Soaps! Natural ingredients nourish and moisturize, while being gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Soothing aromas fill your bath, lifting your mood and leaving you feeling luxurious and pampered. ❤️

Freshly made (in-house by our sister company, Hemlock Springs Soaps).

Lots of lather, delicious scents, and it will not dry your skin out!

Made with fresh-from-the-farm goat milk, loads of skin-loving olive oil & shea butter!

Best soap in NH!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
The 'Milk & Honey' Soap is Sensational!

I bought the Milk & Honey soap many years ago likely (~2018) when I was passing through Portsmouth. It sat on the shelf for WAY too long before I was able to give it a go and man, I was so obsessed with the smell and luxurious suppleness this soap gave me that I may have broke the internet trying to hunt down the name of your shop! I went so far as to try Google Maps using the street walking view! All I could remember was a raven in the window and it had a magical vibe with herbs hanging from the ceiling. Here we are many years later and I've found you!! I will also add that the shop was magnificent in and of itself and drew me in like a moth to a flame. I unfortunately was never able to return (as I presume you have moved) or my memory has lapsed but for anyone who has the chance to swing by her shop, do not pass this one up! It provides everything the inner witch secretly needs and don't leave without trying giving her soap a try! 💜

jennifer govostes

I love hemlock springs soaps. Is the hemlock springs website not selling soap anymore?

Tracey Dziadek
Love, love, love these soaps!!

I've been buying Hemlock Springs soaps for many years and they never disappoint ( unless they're out of stock!). The scents are fantastic, they lather up very well, and never have that oily smell that some homemade soaps can get. Best.Soaps.Ever!

Gretchen Vatalaro
Sexy man soap

Who know it was possible but after using the sexy man soap my husband was even more sexy 😍

Michelle Scotti
Very good

Very happy with my purchase